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Feeling Your Design Master Course

July 6, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - August 17, 2020 @ 6:00 pm

You are reading this text from your phone, computer or tablet, right? When you just got your device, there was an instruction for how to use it, right? You found out how exactly it operates, how many programs it can handle, what are the camera capacities and so on. 


And now imagine – you have such instruction for your own life. When you just open it, you see the numbers, geometric figures, arrows and lines, and it can even confuse you. And as you dive into it, with the help of your guides, these elements become clearer and clearer. So you start not only to understand them. You start feeling them within Your Self…


Would you like to get such an instruction?


Feeling Your Design Master Course is a multi layered journey into Your Self, it gives all the necessary information and guidance for understanding how you (and others) came to operate in this world.


So, where Feeling Your Design will bring you to? The answer to this question is the mission of this course. We are here for you to supply you with all the necessary knowledge and experience for your destination to be correct, harmonious and resistance free, to love and accept who you truly are, as well as those around you. As you are. As they are.


This Master Course is about Feeling Love. For Your Self. For the world. For this game called Life.


In this course You will discover and start feeling:


  • You who really Are. You came here to be and to live, beyond the conditioning of your culture, family, education, social cliches and ideas of how things should be like.
  • How to Live and Feel your Design. How to fulfill your potential and be in the harmony within and beyond.
  • Your mission. What is your potential and road in this lifetime. What role you came to play and embody, and what are your true possibilities to be effective for yourself and for the world.
  • How to create correct relationships with others. What is your optimal way of communicating. How to behave ecologically so there is no “I am great, let them suffer” or “everyone is happy with what I do for them, but I feel miserable”. You will start feeling the difference between other people, and why you are so attracted to some of them and vise versa. You will be aligned in your behavior with others.
  • Understand how to use the Human Design system in daily life. The system is so multidimensional, that along the course you will probably get realizations, that we as your guides haven’t thought about 🙂
  • Practicality, Easiness, Visuality. You will get many stories from the personal life of your guides, friends, and clients, accompanied with professional analysis, so this will give you a clear life-based understanding and feeling of the theoretical material, and inspire you for implementing it in your real life!


Program of the Feeling Your Design Master Course is created in a way that you can start as a total beginner (“No idea what this is all about”), and by the end of the course you will be confident in telling others “Give me your date, time and place of birth, and I will tell you what’s your Design”. You will be feeling and knowing your Design confidently.


Program of the Feeling Your Design Master Course:


Master Course 1:


  1. Meeting the guides and the system. Main things you have to know about the appearance of the system in the world. The way it came to the world, what’s at its foundation, it’s mystical and mundane sides as well as practical applications.Our personal experience with Human Design. Here you will discover:
  • Each person has a unique program. You’ll understand its origins.
  • Life is much easier and resistance free when you know your program.
  • The base of Human Design, its main principles and foundations.
  • Our personal stories and background with the System.


2. Types is Human Design. What are they and where they are coming from. The structure of the Auras of Humans. Healthy and unhealthy ways of living. The 6 views on Auras. Here you will discover:

  • How you can know your Aura Type.
  • How does energy operate in you and what is the strategy of the correct and healthy use of it.
  • Why you feel that you are losing energy.
  • How to make decisions and meet life based on your Aura Type.
  • Why other people are so different in their behavior.
  • How to interact efficiently with people that are very different from you.
  • What is your natural gift and way of life.
  • What are your obstacles and challenges according to your Aura Type.
  • How to deal with money based on Type.
  • What is your potential that opens up once you respect your body.
  • Energy and Non-Energy Types.
  • Mundane and Non-Mundane Types.


3. Centers in Bodygraph. Mechanics of Bodygraph. Meanings of each Energy Center, and the ways in can be embodied in healthy and unhealthy ways. Inner Authorities and their specifics. Here you will discover:

  • The way Bodygraph is constructed. The basic vocabulary of Human Design.
  • What are the ways you are thinking, analyzing, feeling, communicating, influencing, intuiting, experiencing life force and sexuality and dealing with pressures of life.
  • What are your stronger and weaker parts. How to use the strong parts and embrace weaker parts.
  • What are your fears, anxieties and nervousness and how to deal with them.
  • Each Energy Center and the practical advice on it, biological correlations, healthy and unhealthy ways to live them.
  • What inside yourself you can fully trust when making decisions. Very precise practical instruction how to make decisions every single day.


4. Inner Authority. The unique way of decision making process.

  • Old vs New – Outer Authority  7-centered world and New 9-centered world based on Inner Authority.
  • What is Inner Authority.
  • The differentiated way of making decisions based on the uniqueness of the body.
  • 7 kinds of Inner Authorities and practical examples of the way to live them.
  • How Undefined Centers influence Inner Authority.


5. Definitions, their meaning and practical application.

  • What are 5 Types of Definition.
  • What is the meaning of Definition in the BodyGraph.
  • Practical application of Definition knowledge.


Welcome to contact me for all the details.

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