As one of my teachers said: “I have no biography. All what is considered biography is absolutely meaningless and irrelevant. All that matters is who I Am Here and Now”.

I would love to leave this page empty after this sentence of wisdom, but as we know, the Mind loves stories, so here is my human story. And this story is a tricky thing to compose - through life we are going through stages and perspectives; values and relationship to past events change. What do I choose to bring up and make an important piece of the biography and what do I leave aside?

I am a totally grateful being, who sometimes wishes to share this state with the world. When I was a kid, I heard somewhere that Ignorance is the biggest sin. Since then, learning, investigating, sharing and discovering became the Path. I love life. Every day finding the reasons for it, even if sometimes it's not easy. I breathe. I practice. I simply Am. And, to make this Bio short and to the point, I am putting the story into themed paragraphs.

I was born and raised in USSR (now Belarus). The iron curtain started to dissolve exactly when I was entering my conscious years, so I am lucky to have experienced the absolutely different worlds of Soviet and Western realities in their fullness.
Being raised in the family of a scientist, I was conditioned towards a path of career and success. That’s how I ended up in the high end gymnasium in Minsk, and then went to earn a BA in Cybernetics. These studies were quite influential but at somepoint it was clear that I was wasting my time – I am a humanitarian by nature… I moved to Israel – to get a few more academic degrees – in English Literature, Cinematography and History of Arts.
Unusual for Soviet reality, I started working at the age of 15. I randomly got a job from a person I met on the street, and was an office secretary in a small company. I did much more than my duties – from standard computer and other office routine to dealing with clients and banks. That gave me a strong sense that I can do anything in this life.

In Israel, while studying in the university, I took numerous psychology and sociology classes. This brought me work with autistic adults, and later, in the Shelter for the Victims of Human Trafficking. For about three years I was doing there 2-3 twenty-hour-long shifts a week. This place organically made me a psychologist, a healer, and a sister to countless girls who were illegally brought from Eastern Europe to Israel, used and abused against their free will. After graduation I was lucky to get a prestigious corporate job in the biggest Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronot – first as a graphic designer, and later as a photographer and visual editor. I worked there for over 7 years until taking a life changing invitation to quit the career and to move into the wild earth life style.

I clearly remember the first encounter with My Self. I was about 4-5 years old, left alone in the house. On the way from the bathroom to the living room that seemed like a journey, I suddenly felt that someone was looking at me from above. Nothing visible was there, but I knew there was something or someone. I tried to ask ‘them’ telepathically (of course, I didn’t know that word then) about their origin and intention, but suddenly I saw MySelf from above. And something else that I never could put into words happened. That was an absolutely shocking experience for a little girl!! And forever on – that moment was a turning point that revealed to me that this world is just one layer of many many other ones. That is when it became clear that the most interesting thing to do is to investigate inner worlds and to discover something that is beyond the material realm.

Baptised by Catholic grandma at about age 7, I discovered Christianity and the Baptist church, where I spent my Sundays for a few years. Born in an absolutely atheistic scientist family, that was an unacceptable thing to do, but I am grateful to my parents for never saying ‘no’ to my desire to investigate life. There I got re-assured about the existence of  other worlds, outside and inside of us.

As a teenager, I was lucky to hang out with ‘cool’ guys – artists, musicians, writers. That is how I discovered Nietzsche and Hesse, Blavatsky and Bailey. It was (and still is) like living in two worlds – one of everyday reality, and the other is of the observation of inner Self, thoughts, intentions, ideas, values and external deeds.

At the age of 23 I went to India to study in the ashram. As a striving disciple I practiced from 4am to 21pm. That is when I discovered the ancient wisdom of Vedas, India’s scriptures of knowledge on every possible field and a base for every other teaching. I got the most precious CD’s and books (internet was not that rich for information those days). For over 3 years I fully submitted myself to these teachings, partaken between the university and Vedic studies.

One day I met a neighbor. He was just as passionate in his spiritual studies as I was. He was a serious Kabbalah practitioner. We spent months in a spiritual debate (what a Mind journey, as I see it today!). At some point I felt that Kabbalah was a true reason of me moving to Israel. For three years I spent learning this sacred teaching. I was very close to putting on a long skirt and to go to synagogue every Sabbath. That was a time when I met The Master.

He was the one to take me on a journey beyond religions, teachings and ideas. This may sound as a spiritual cliché, but yes – within few years living and studying with him the ‘holistic vision’ and awareness, the state I was so yearning for, became became my Actuality. Through endless tasks, challenges and practices, I learned to feel, see and get into the core of any given moment. I went on a deep journey inside my own body, and, thus, gained the ability to feel and experience the world and other people as they are, and not as my mind was telling me to.

This was a stage in life when I realized that the new chapter was coming and I have no choice but to release my office career and photographer life forever. I moved into nature, an eco-community in the Western Galilee of Israel, where I have lived for nearly 10 years.

And today I am a human being who is passionate about living and bringing the benefits of the practice and holistic vision of life to the World. I use Human Design system as the language to convey the Message. And you can often find me walking barefoot in the moonlight, climbing trees, exploring health food stores, and with same passion exploring investing possibilities, digital worlds, and sharing my life on instagram 😉 .

And, having tremendous breakthroughs in my own life, creating vitality, beauty and health in Knowledge and Practice, I am grateful for the special moments of sharing all this with You.

My Friends

Here I am delighted to create a space for the ones that are the closest friends and family, inspiration, path sharers and influence on what Julia is Today:

Joseph Pepe Danza 

My Guru Number One, Partner, Beloved, Lover, Inspirer, Teacher, Genius Musician, Best Friend and just the Most Amazing Human Being on this Planet Earth.

Shaul Pochal

A True Master on my Way without whom I would never be the one I Am. Truly and deeply connected, he keeps a power of healing in his hands, helping hundreds, if not thousands, to gain back their wellness, healthy spines and holistic vision of life.

Estas Tonne

Definitely another me, only in a male body. The dearest brother, inspirer, button pusher and endless soul who greatly shaped my story, as well the the stories of many many more...

Dima and Ekaterina Lapshinov

My guru number two, inspiration for dedicated practice, infinite source of knowledge and information, and simply one of the most beautiful perfect couples ever! I study and practice his system of Self-Perfection for several years, and use lots of his methodologies in my teachings.

Zola Dubnikova

Dearest sister and dedicated teacher and dancer. She created a unique approach which she calls the “Holistic Dance Language", which bridges sacred dance, movement medicine, contemporary body science, masterful form, somatic awareness and rituals.

Jasmine and Ido LightGarden

More then just the most beautiful family who dedicate their life to spirit and service to others. We are sharing home together in Adama Community, and I am honored to have them as closest neighbours, as well as best friends and co-creators of multiple projects.

Roni Makatu Mizrahi

Dearest brother, artist, musician, teacher and best manager I have ever worked with. From successful businessman in USA to founder of HeartBeat community in Israel, his path bridges the worlds and inspires lots of people to be closer to themselves and each other.



Shakti Mhi 

Has a very special place in my heart and in my life. During her 3 decades of teaching yoga, she has been dividing her time between teaching yoga classes and training teachers - she founded Prana Yoga College as an international yoga college that conducts teacher training all over the world. If you are looking for the place to study yoga, there it is.




Herbert Quinteros 

With his voice of a grandfather and of a child he expresses the traditional medicine songs to guide and to bring us centered in our personal work. Feeling honored to share his journey in Europe and Middle East, holding space and teach in his retreats and ceremonies.

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