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Amber Tooth Powder

(5 customer reviews)


Why tooth powder? Just read the label on any major brand toothpaste or mouthwash. You’ll see they are loaded with dangerous toxins and chemicals. Also added is glycerin which over time builds up film over your teeth much like furniture polish. This does not allow for anything beneficial or re-mineralization to occur for either your gums or enamel. All of these common ingredients have actually been found to be harmful to humans.

This tooth powder is 100% natural and perfectly edible. It is full of the minerals that teeth need to re-build enamel and maintain healthy gums., as well as actual powdered herbs and spices along with the essential oils.

And now – why amber? Amber tooth powder is created inspired by the ancient knowledge of the power of amber. I have been traveling in Baltic countries and met an Amber Shaman, who initiated me into the knowledge and power of amber. Apparently, it is not just a beautiful jewelry decoration, but a potent healing substance, what has been used for centuries to heal both outer and inner issues. It has lots of minerals and other potent substances, that have been accumulated for hundreds and thousands of years. Imagine how powerful this substance it! Amber (in the form of a powder) can be used both to heal skin diseases, and taken internally – in fruit shakes, salads and other foods. And it is a powerful substance to add into the tooth care products.

Travel-Friendly size. Small but lasts for several month!

Made In Love from these Beautiful Ingredients:
Calcium Carbonate, Bentonite Clay, Atlantic Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Amber Powder, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Stevia, Powdered Herbs of Sage, Rosemary, Clove, Turmeric, Vibhuti, Sandal Powder.
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5 reviews for Amber Tooth Powder

  1. Irina

    like in Soviet Russia times 🙂 very special powerful product to use! my mouth is happy!!! Thank You for creating this!! <3

    • Julia

      like in Soviet times ha-ha 🙂

  2. Oshcha

    Thank you very much Julia. I like this powder very much. My 4 year old son also uses it and he likes it. <3

    • Julia

      Great to hear that!! Thank You for sharing this here!! Enjoy this Joy 🙂

  3. Nick

    My problematic teeth gum became noticeably healthier in a week! Great powder!

    • Julia

      Thank You Mike!!! When and where did you get the powder from me?

  4. Mike

    Really good effect though the price is little high..

    • Julia

      Thank You Mike!!! When did you get the powder from me?

  5. Liubov

    Great product – reminds me of soviet childhood only much healthier!!!

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