Child Development Analysis


Everything starts with the Parents …

For the development of the child, it is very important for those who have the greatest influence, mums & dads, to understand exactly:

– How parents influence the child
– How to make the right decisions for both yourself and the child
– What Not Self topics parents themselves have that they transfer to their children, and that they will most likely instill in the child

Therefore, first of all, you need to understand yourself – as on the plane they always say “if you are traveling with a child, first put on an oxygen mask for yourself – and then for the child.”

By understanding yourself, you will be able to better understand the characteristics of the child, what is their strength, which is worth developing, where there may be false topics that need to be dealt with wisely. We will show you how to correctly interact with the world for a child, and what to teach to pay attention from a young age, so that when he grows up, he feels his strength.

It will also address the issue of the correct nutritional regimen (PHS) of the child, and the most appropriate way of teaching, how you can support your child in development. In the end, we will consider your interaction with your child, how you influence each other and what conflicts / frictions or misunderstandings may arise in your interaction. You will get the scenarios of how to live a healthy boundaries for yourself and your child.

You will learn how not to harm / break a child, but on the contrary, how to strengthen him, while still being in harmony with yourself.

This Reading is possible only after receiving the Individual Foundation Reading for the parent. Package price for ordering both.

Usually 6-8 hour in length, split in 4-5 sessions.

Possibility of a shorter version is possible.

Includes a print or slide of your and your child’s Human Design Bodygraphs, and recordings of the sessions.

This Reading is a deeply educational, as well as couching process.

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