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When a couple has a child, the dynamics of interaction between the two parents changes, and a group mechanism begins to operate. In Human Design we call this mechanism “Penta”.

Each family, which consists of 3-5 people, has its own unique dynamics, the understanding of which can greatly help both with personal decision-making, and when interacting all together.

Thanks to this analysis, it can become clear why certain “themes” arise that revolve over and over in your head when you are together. And sometimes these topics become a real problem for the mind. For example, in a certain configuration, it may seem that “not enough resources” or “not enough discipline” or “order” or that “we do not spend time together” and so on …
But do these problems really exist? Perhaps the dynamics that is created between you, can “make” you see from a similar angle.

In Family Practice, we will look at your family dynamics:

– Who brings specific attributes to the family
– Where are the places that can become potential “problems” that are important to be aware of
– What happens to each of the family members when they find themselves in group dynamics
– What recommendations can be for each of the family members to maintain health and correctness.

This Reading helps to see family structure as it is. Brings up the dilemmas and shows that they are mechanical rather than personal, and the way to solve them in far from using mind and ego games. Family coaching helps to see the benefit of awareness and allows the profound acceptance. It reveals that Family as we know it is a set of circumstances, a survival mechanism and exposes how we are fundamentally dishonest in our self-assessment of our problems and issues. It helps to recognize and accept that there is a basic dysfunction in the relationship, and will lead you to the inner state where acceptance brings awareness.

This consultation is possible only after receiving the Individual Analysis.

Depending of the family, and the request, the timing and price will vary. It is a very individual process. The first round is usually 8-10 hour in length, split in 4-5 sessions.

Includes a print or slide of your family Pentagraphs, and recordings of the sessions.

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