A Foundation Reading


Hopefully, at this point you realize that you are born with the completely unique characteristics. Since childhood the conditioning was layering itself through environment, family, school, news, etc., and you lost touch with some part of yourself. As a result, living not exactly your own life is the reality. Striving for different goals and dreams, and being around people who aren’t correct for you, makes the Not Self being on the way to True You.

The Foundation Reading with give you:

– Deep understanding of your genetic Type in the context of your Design with its inherent Strategy of interaction with people and the world.
– What is stable within you and what you can trust when making decisions – your Inner Authority.
– Your false or unstable characteristics, that often create resistance and unnecessary stress in your life, where you waste the power
of your personal life force.

You will come out of this Reading with the clear understanding of:

→ Why and How to decondition and live Your Life
→ What stands on the way to your beloved true You
→ Ways to embody your Design, your role and mission
→ The nature of dilemmas that repeat over and over in life
→ How to enter the Experiment
→ .. and I am sure that much more, depending on your questions, reactions and openness ))

I work with you one-on-one, based on your situation and taking into consideration your specific request.

We dive into practical application, Strategy and Inner Authority, decipher these definitions into actual examples from Your life, followed by recommendations and observations deriving from Your unique Design. I will analyze, and go deeply into your genetics and anatomy, life forces, wisdom, weaknesses, character, mission and more, depending on the Flow.

I will blow your mind, or opposite, will bring you Peace and Satisfaction, all depending on your state of Being.

Regardless, I will offer you to take time, to listen again to the whole Journey, and to come back to me after some time with questions and observations (included in original price).

Includes audio and video (if on Zoom) recordings.

The price includes a support after the Reading as well. I know that when you listen again to the Reading, you might have questions and observations that you didn’t have in the moment of the Reading, and I am keeping the door open to make sure you are well equipped for your experiment with the information you receive during the Reading.

Our meeting will be in my Zoom room, or other media, or we can meet in person, if geography allows it (currently I am in Slovakia).

I offer two formats of this Foundation Reading:

Basic – 2 hour, 222€
Extended – 4 hour, can be split in 2 or 3 meetings – 369€

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