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Pure Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender is the most famous Mediterranean herb. Many people like a unique simple plantthat creates a fragrant cloud around itself. Lavender essential oil is widely used not only for the aromatization of rooms or essential oils compositions, but is also in medicine and household.

Lavender was considered one of the main medicinal plants in monastery clinics, In the Middle Ages it fully estimated its healing and anesthetic abilities. Its aroma is traditionally considered one of the most effective soothing agents. The history of the production of lavender oil, its use has become an integral part of the history of the perfume industry. And today, like millennia ago, lavender is considered one of the main essential oils.


This calming, conducive to deep meditation, relaxation and restoration of the inner forces of oil is a fragrance that promotes self-knowledge and self-development, bringing a sense of purity, healing, happiness.

This oil helps to achieve inner harmony, balance, eliminating depression and anxiety, bringing clarity and calmness in thought and emotion. In this case, lavender does not contribute to tearfulness and self-flagellation.

It is believed that the lavender aroma helps to cope with envy and aggression. This is one of the most refined emotional aphrodisiacs, contributing to the refinement of relationships and intuitive mutual understanding, bearing tenderness and attention to the partner.

In medicine, the regenerating and regulating power of lavender oil is widely used for all body systems. So, its aroma oil helps to lower the pressure, normalize the heart rate, equalize the pulse and eliminate pain in the heart.

As an anesthetic, lavender oil acts on muscle, joint, bone pain and inflammation, as well as convulsions and stagnant inflammation. In this case, the effect is doublel: it acts in a complex manner, facilitating the removal of stress and reactions caused by painful sensations, while at the same time being a strong local anesthetic effect.

The lavender acts soothingly, sedatively on the entire nervous system, which makes it possible to use this aroma oil as an antidepressant, as well as an anesthetic that relieves spasms of the vessels and prevents atherosclerosis.

Since ancient times, lavender has been valued as an immunostimulant, helping to “build” internal protection against all infections and viruses. Combining calming effects with anti-inflammatory and disinfectant, lavender oil promotes the treatment of all skin diseases, including after burns, with frostbite, eczema, bedsores, wounds and bruises.

Not an exception to the universality of lavender and the effect on digestion, the work of the gallbladder and liver. Lavender also removes swelling, vaginitis, cystitis, regulates the menstrual cycle. An excellent tool for intimate hygiene. Aroma lavender is considered a great detoxifier.

Lavender oil is one of the most actively used in the cosmetic industry of essential oils. It refreshes, regenerates, promotes a deep renewal and rejuvenation of the skin. After applying the products containing lavender oil, instant redness, swelling, peeling, irritation, inflammation, and mild itching are removed.

Lavender is ideal for special care for a damaged or supersensitive skin, exhibits amazing tonic properties for tired and flabby skin. Removing not only the inflammatory rash, but also preventing the growth of bacteria, lavender oil, while simultaneously affecting the level of fat release and normalization of metabolism, is ideal for treating acne.

With regular use prevents the formation of scars and scars, pigmentation spots and discoloration of the skin. In addition, lavender perfectly suits and to solve problems with hair, in particular, damaged structure, loss, dandruff and brittleness.
Lavender oil is not considered to be allergenic, but it is better to test the sensitivity anyway.

Because of the impact on the hormonal background and blood pressure, lavender essential oil can not be used during pregnancy, as well as people prone to low blood pressure. In addition to these, there are no significant contraindications, but if you are undergoing iron and iodine therapy or if you have anemia, procedures with lavender oil should be canceled before the end of the course.


Lavender oil, due to its soft effect, can be used in a slightly more concentrated ratio than other essential oils.

♥  Baths – use from 4 to 8 drops of oil.

♥  Aroma of personal use –  the optimal dosage is 3 drops.

♥  Massage

♥  Warm compresses

♥  Perfuming rooms

♥  Oil or alcohol lotions and skin care products – you can use from 5 to 7 drops of lavender oil for every 10 ml of the base.

♥  Hot inhalations use up to 10 drops of oil.

♥  Applications – the oil can be used undiluted.

♥  Lavender oil can be used and inside – no more than 2 drops up to 3 times a day, dissolving in honey and washing down with warm herbal tea.

The properties assigned to the lavender to drive away the moth are fully inherent in the essential oil obtained from it. In addition, this essential oil will help to cope with mosquitoes.


Travel-Friendly size. Small but lasts for several month!

Made In Love from these Beautiful Ingredients:
Pure Essential Oil of Lavender 100%.
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