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Stepping into any relationship (intimate, business, family, friends) – is creating a unique bond. The principle, 1 + 1 = 3, works here, as something new is born between you, your own unique dynamic… Often we do not understand why we feel one way or another next to a person, and it would seem that it is so easy to change everything – but no, each interaction has its own, very special mechanics.

Partnership analysis will allow you to:

– Understand how you influence your partner.
– How, most likely, the other can feel your presence.
– Where you can lead the other astray, or not understand why they are not like you.
– Understand how your partner influences you, and therefore what you absorb from them and, most likely, will perceive as your own, which can easily confuse you and drown out your personal inner voice.
– Understand the dynamics of interaction.
– Get a profound understanding of the emotional aspect of the relationship.
– See the most subtle places: of compromises, and to know how it will be much easier to interact.
– Understand how you make decisions while in partnership.

This Reading will allow you, through understanding of the mechanics, to become aware of yourself and the other in the relationship, and to realize your life force without changing or adjusting yourself to the patterns of society. Thanks to this, the relationship will become more conscious and connected, creating satisfaction, peace, success and surprise for both of you.

This Reading will show in depth the mathematics and choicelessness of the Relationship, educating you (or both of you) about the mechanics of you and your partner, analyzing in depth and exposing the value of correctness of the behavior, as well as the quality of respect for each of you. It shows you Who You Are in the relationship, and who are you with.

If both partners received a Reading and are interested – this is a Reading with 2 people in partnership.

This Reading is also possible for one person about the partnership, if the second person is not yet interested / has no opportunity.

If you have not yet received the Individual Foundation Reading and are interested in a partnership, I can offer you a package offer: your individual read / partner read individually / partnership analysis.

Timing: around 4-6 hours, split in several meetings.

Includes a print or slide of your Human Design Bodygraphs, and an audio + video recordings of the session.

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