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Smudge Bundles

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Organic Wild Sage that grown on the mountain of my Adama Eco Village in Western Galilee in Israel. Hand picked in the full moon time to have the most perfect energy for any use that You choose! It is purifying, neutralizing energetically the atmosphere and space, as well as healing Body and Soul.

Each of these smudge bundles are unique and individual. No too are exactly alike. When you purchase I will connect with your energy and intuitively select one from what is available to send to you

They include a variety of sages, flowers, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, bay leaves and more. Each have been charged under the light of the Full Moon and charged upon my personal altar.

Please burn carefully and with supervision. These are natural products that are unpredictable in their burn. I typically hold mine in a fireproof dish and waft with a feather.

Some ideas for using Smudge Bundles (and other Sacred Scents too!):

  • Eliminate negative energies that might be clinging to you (especially important for healers)
  • Cleanse the energy of the or healing centre
  • Purify sacred space
  • Help shift consciousness in rituals, circles, music concerts and other events
  • Bring protection or blessings
  • Purify and sanctify ritual objects and altar tools
  • Send prayers to the Divine.

Made in Love ~ Please Use with Love!


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1 review for Smudge Bundles

  1. Liubov

    wow this is so cool – using it to purify my house after unexpected guests. Very natural smell and lasts forever – I am using for over a month now and its not even half way burned …

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