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Spicy Tooth Powder


Why tooth powder? Just read the label on any major brand toothpaste or mouthwash. You’ll see they are loaded with dangerous toxins and chemicals. Also added is glycerin which over time builds up film over your teeth much like furniture polish. This does not allow for anything beneficial or re-mineralization to occur for either your gums or enamel. All of these common ingredients have actually been found to be harmful to humans.

This tooth powder is 100% natural and perfectly edible. It is full of the minerals that teeth need to re-build enamel and maintain healthy gums., as well as actual powdered herbs and spices along with the essential oils.

And now – why spicy? The idea comes from the Ayurvedic science of health, which uses huge amount of spices to deal with oral hygene and treat oral cavity, plaques and gum infections. It ancient times they used chewing herbal sticks (stems/branches of bitter or astringent plants), oil pulling, salt water rinsing, gum massage and herbs/berries that strengthen gum tissues and stabilizes collagen.

I am collecting these treasures of nature, grinding them and blending in the little jar – for Your precious teeth, gums, fresh breath and simple human Joy!

Travel-Friendly size. Small but lasts for several month!

Made In Love from these Beautiful Ingredients:
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