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Uptan Ubtan Face Soap Peeling Facial Mask Shower Powder


An ubtan is a multipurpose natural skin care remedy, a powdered mix of Ayurvedic herbs and other 100% natural ingredients. It makes you shine like a true goddesses. It can be used as a soap, scrub and a face or body mask for clean, clear and glowing skin. Ubtans have been used in Ayurvedic treatments for centuries to heal metabolic and lifestyle-related diseases.

Benefits of using Ubtan:

♥ Cleaning up your skin – just add any liquid, milk (which has nutrients like Vitamin A for healthy skin), or vegan milk, rose water, fruit juice and any other joyful liquid.

♥ Healing skin disorders – if used consistently, helps remove acne, pigmentation and even scars.

♥ Exfoliation – flours are natural exfoliants, they remove dead skin cells and make your skin look clearer.

♥ Soothing – Sandalwood powder relieves your skin from all the accumulated stress and cools it down.

♥ Reducing inflammation – Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, are used in ubtan mixes. They combat all the tinflammation on your skin by healing redness, irritation and acne.

♥ Anti-aging – If you’re in your 30s and are beginning to see a few lines on your face, you‘re probably looking for an anti-aging skin solution. Try using an ubtan because the turmeric and Ammonium Crystals are full of antioxidants which slow down aging. What ingredients traditionally go into an ubtan?

Want to see how to use it? Go HERE to see one gorgeous man shows how to do it 🙂


Travel-Friendly size. Small but lasts for several month!

Made In Love from these Beautiful Ingredients:
Bentonite Clay, Spelt, Buckweat, Chickpea, Flax, Tapioca, Red Rice, Coffeeine Powder, Vibhuti, Herbs: Sandalwood, Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, Hena, Himalayan Salt, Ammonium Crystals, Turmeric, Activated Charcoal
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