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Vibhuti – Sacred Ash

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Vibhuti is sacred ash which is made of burnt dried wood in Hindu rituals in ashrams. This vibhuti comes from Sai Baba ashram, where I am visiting every time I travel to India.

This is a high vibrational substance, and can be used to bless the body, altar and space, as well as heal and uplift.

Traditionally, vibhuti is taken between your thumb of the right handand your ring finger – and applied between the eyebrows(third eye chakra), at the pit of the throat (fifth chakra), and in the center of the chest (heart chakra). The reason for these particular points – sacred ash makes them more sensitive. Some call it a spiritual healing remedy.  It can be used routinely to gain positive energy as well as to get relief from distress, connection with spirits, and other rituals. I love blessing my crystals, as well as my guests and clients sometimes. Use Your Imagination and Intuition!

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1 review for Vibhuti – Sacred Ash

  1. 5 out of 5


    very much enjoying it – thank you Julia for making it available!!!

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