The greatest joy of Life is to be able to give and receive the same mindfulness message through different forms. Living, researching, teaching and creating made me holistically focus on several topics : Aware Natural Living, Conscious Nutrition, Essential Natural Hygiene, Practical Art&Craft, Tantra&Yoga, and Practices of Self-Transformation.

These are the main topics I live and work with. Every day is a practice – both on a yoga mat and outside of it. Every Project I
create myself or participate as part of, is filled with the passion and desire to embody the frequency of purity, aware concentration, joy and flow of best possible forms and vibes. So, welcome to exploring the Projects I am currently in.


YOULA Heart • Beauty • Nature
The story of Youla Soaps is almost classic. Having realised that what we put on the surface of our bodies is as important as what we put inside, I started some serious research. Of course, all the bottles and boxes purchased in the conventional stores went to the garbage immediately. Natural stores had nice choices but still, some of the ingredients were not clear and prices were hardly affordable. Unsurprisingly, it brought me to the simple fact: if I want to use natural organic and high quality products and be sure 100% that they are the best, I have to create them myself. READ MORE

Adama BOX

Adama EcoLiving
For over six years I live in an eco-spirit-artist community in the area of Western Galilee, Israel. This way of life is a Project in itself. It is a dream that came true. It is a great gift of life to wake up into the rustic mountain, stunning view of the sea, sun shining through the transparent roof of the yurt, singing birds and … a bathroom under the tree. READ MORE

new elixir avatar NEW200

The Elixirs
With the The Elixirs I am arriving to the big city with the mission of bringing the vibe of nature and tribe from the mountain, to brew perfectly balanced energizing Elixirs and to create deliciously divine treats and magical atmosphere. In this format I am beautifully combining living in the natural environment and sharing its vibration in the heart of urban culture. READ MORE

zen avatar NEW200

Zen Dinner
You are entering a cozy home space, where every detail creates an atmosphere of relaxation, harmony and mindfulness. You take the shoes off and choose a comfortable cushion to sit on. That’s when the Zen Dinner Night starts…

In absolute silence. Experiencing Self and Others without any verbal communication. We will begin with a little introductory Zen talk and meditation and then naturally move to the food meditation – fully absorbed in the process of mindfully eating our first bite. READ MORE

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