For over six years I live in an eco-spirit-artist community in the area of Western Galilee, Israel. This way of life is a Project in itself. It is a dream that came true. It is a great gift of life to wake up into the rustic mountain, stunning view of the sea, sun shining through the transparent roof of the yurt, singing birds and … a bathroom under the tree.



This is where I live, create, practice and evolve. People are coming to visit from all over Israel and abroad, and with time and experience I have understood that in order to create a full, deep experience of Self in this unique environment it’s good to have a structure. That’s how the Personal Retreat Journey was created.


Personal Retreat Journey


In the extraordinary natural environment on the hills of Western Galilee, there is a little eco settlement. Those who permanently live here praise the simple life, honor the natural time order and respect the uniqueness of each individual’s Way of Being.

So, be welcomed to a new frequency. In this Personal Journey, we invite you to listen, re~discover and re~vision Yourself through these simple and powerful tools. Among them:

  • “Beginning of a Perfect Day” – we start the Day with meditation, yoga or tai chi, and any other individually chosen practice.
  • Accommodations – a choice of sleeping in the sacred geometrical construction of the Mongolian Yurt, personal tent or under the open sky, using the shower and compost water toilet that are situated under the trees; bringing the experience of personal hygiene to a different level 🙂
  • “I am what I eat” – You will learn and practice different aspects of nutrition and self~nourishment through food. It is a good option to create together an individual menu and cultivate new healthy and tasty food habits. The possibility of mapping a personal detoxification program is available. We provide a simple yet advanced approach to what we put into our bodies. So, drinking water, preparing and having food ~ all is an art and a lesson, a meditation and a ceremony.
  • “What is my Story” – is a one-on-one time and space to receive a mirror of who You are at this Moment in this lifetime, a place for sharing and psycho~eco~logical journey.
  • “What is my Body” – treatments by means of Aromatherapy, Crystal and Sound therapy, full body Massages and energy alignment.
  • Shamanic Journey – a unique opportunity to experience a personal ceremony of purification and connection to the Self through journeying with the spirit of the Earth and its elementals. If there is a synchronicity, the possibility of a sweatlodge ceremony may be available.
  • Personal workshops – if you are willing to learn new skills that harmoniously connect your Being with elements of the Earth, there is an opportunity to take workshops from local artists:


~preparation of herbal personal care treasures: oils, aroma-therapeutic tools, soaps, tooth powders, creams, deodorants, perfumes and much more.

~creation of a personal amulets – crystals, semi-precious stones, macrame, japa~malas and more.

~mandala painting

~wood carving and wood burning design

~permacultural gardening

~natural constructions

~our community is dynamic, developing new skills that are constantly being added to the collective puzzle of Alive Life 🙂


The list above offers ideas and scenarios of what Your Personal Retreat Journey may look like. It can be planned or be in a spontaneous flow, according to Your personal value system. Together we can choose what options may serve your visions and intentions.

The Journey is usually a 24 to 48 hours process. You are welcome to arrive before the sun sets down. Close personal guidance will be provided throughout your stay except for the moments of intentional solitude. You can spend a night with one of the ecovillages’ families (Mongolian Yurts or Domes), or rent a personal room or bring your own tent.



This is an individual, couple, or small family (maximum 4 people) retreat journey.


The process is only on a Donation basis. We assume that you are acquainted with the culture of donating and understand this is the source of Abundance for its facilitators {the Community} …

We trust you to determine its value because some of these things are invaluable …

Be the Joy of Yourself!

The greatest Gift YOU can give to somebody is Your Own Personal Development!


A Glimpse to the Mountain Views:

A Glimpse to the Community Life:

A Glimpse to House of Creation (a place for Retreats, WorkShops and other Transformational Processes):

Welcome to En-Joy Life with Us through the Personal Journey ~ to listen, to re~discover and re~vision Your Self!


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