With The Elixirs I am arriving to the big city with the mission of bringing the vibe of nature and tribe from the mountain, to brew perfectly balanced energizing The Elixirs and to create deliciously divine treats and magical atmosphere. In this format I am beautifully combining living in the natural environment and sharing its vibration in the heart of urban culture.

The Elixirs Project fuels any wellness journey by offering delicious, nutrient dense, organic and ethically sourced herbs and live foods. We fuse ancient wisdom and time honored recipes with the abundance the world offers us, to meet the needs and pleasures of body and soul.

In The Elixirs not only we are pleasing the taste buds, but also educating in the field of conscious nourishment and effective eating – we bring rare herbs, superfoods, unusual taste combinations and show in practice how easy and healing and fun it is to eat healthy and happy foods!

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