After understanding and applying several fundamental teachings that I was studying and practicing (Hindu Vedas, Jewish Kabbalah, Yoga, Natural Healing, Pranic Nourishment), I moved to simply live what I call a Grounded Life. I made a home in a place of balanced raw nature, and started several projects (such as creating natural boutique style handmade cosmetics, healing with touch & sound, teaching alive foods and yoga)… Just Being and Living. Simply. Enjoying day by day. Perfect life with its outer and inner richness.
And then Human Design came into my life (or I run into Human Design 🙂 ) in 2012. So many concepts that were hidden became clear and started being subjects for The Experiment that is my Life… A never-ending one…
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Since then many things changed in my personal life – environment, relationships, geography, … and the most important – my own perception of Self has fully transformed.
Experimenting with S&A alters ones life and direction. I have tasted the success of a Projector, by mastering knowledge and skill. I have also tasted other energies through studying and teaching Human Design with friends and clients. Using S&A, I am constantly tuning in with my own nature, and this brings profound awareness in my life. Studying HD deeper and deeper, I keep discovering the great accuracy and wisdom of this knowledge.
I’m inviting You to experiment with this way of knowing Self. Sometimes one class is already enough to start getting into it and experiencing. I am teaching an LYD course and getting ready to become an Analyst.
I offer 3 ways to share LYD course:
1. One-on-one (best for Projector’s and busy people’s types).
2. In groups.
3. Online.
I can communicate in three languages: Russian, Hebrew, English

In a One-on-one Private LYD course there is an option for You to choose the number of our meetings, and we can study only when you really feel like doing it.
Julia Krakova LYDG Certificate human design

Good Vibes and Self-Love
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