Human Design system attracted me not because I was looking for myself, lived in pain, and then found this knowledge and became happy 🙂

By the time HD came to my life, I already experienced a lot of life cycles filled with searches and revelations, games with mysticism and matter, and I came to success at all the desired levels.

Human Design gave me a language, a code, incredible clarity in the processes of comprehension and expression of myself, awareness of thoughts and their sources, the ability to see internally where all this comes from, and to move in the stream of life without choosing, and by simply being.

Since the first Reading in 2012, I began to gradually deepen into this knowledge. I studied with many teachers of the first wave.

I got first diploma of the LYD Guide in 2017, and few more have followed (in the gallery below), and I still continue to expand in the knowledge of this multidimensional system.

I am teaching HD in the Ministry of Education of Israel (for teachers of primary schools), organizing the International Marathon with worldwide teachers, organizing live retreats of Nisarg, the first Reflector world teacher.

I offer Readings in four languages ​​(Russian, English, Hebrew, Slovak), at this point gave about a thousand of Readings, and around twenty “Living Your Design” and different specialized courses and webinars.

Quad-Right 1/3 Emo Projector on the Cross of Planning .


You can find all the Readings that I am offering in the SHOP section.

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