The story of Youla Soaps is almost classic. Having realised that what we put on the surface of our bodies is as important as what we put inside, I started some serious research. Of course, all the bottles and boxes purchased in the conventional stores went to the garbage immediately. Natural stores had nice choices but still, some of the ingredients were not clear and prices were hardly affordable. Unsurprisingly, it brought me to the simple fact: if I want to use natural organic and high quality products and be sure 100% that they are the best, I have to create them myself.

The first batch of soaps was created in 2007. And since I made quite a big amount, I started sharing them with friends. Slowly slowly people were ordering for themselves and their families. I still was creating soaps as a hobby only. A few years later, in 2010, I moved to Western Galilee, in the most magical little community with its own orchard of olive trees and wild herbs all around.


The demand for the soaps grew naturally – all the members of the community, their families and friends, and later also people from nearby villages and towns were all enjoying the great smells, textures and bubbles of Youla Soaps. Today I am still keeping it a small project, making just a few batches a year and preserving a unique style of hand picked herbs, own local olive oil, and putting love and attention to every bar!

Of course, with time I have mastered the production of not only soaps, but every item I once used to buy for my precious body – creams, oils, perfumes, tinctures, herbal blends of different purposes, incenses and more. Some of them you can find in the little online shop, some are made in such small quantity that they never make it there.

simple soaps

So, what I want you to know about the Youla Soaps is that all of them, as well as other products, are hand made from 100% vegetable oils, mostly organic oils, plant extracts and personally hand picked herbs. All Absolutely Vegan. The natural power of the oils is preserved through the traditional cold process of manufacture. Soaps are left to dry naturally for a period of at least several months. They do not contain any fillers or harmful chemicals. Suitable for daily use for both body, face and hair. And for all skin types. Leaves your skin soft and silky for hours. My soaps are made using solar power and minimum waste. With endless care for nature and for your wellness!


I call them Youla from the fact that they are made for YOU by Julia 🙂



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