You are entering a cozy home space, where every detail creates an atmosphere of relaxation, harmony and mindfulness. You take the shoes off and choose a comfortable cushion to sit on. That’s when the Zen Dinner Night starts…

In absolute silence. Experiencing Self and Others without any verbal communication. We will begin with a little introductory Zen talk and meditation and then naturally move to the food meditation – fully absorbed in the process of mindfully eating our first bite (the first bite sets the spirit of the whole meal).

We will eat a classic Zen meal with a twist of modern superfood awareness, healthy, tasty and vibrant, in complete silence, accompanied by the traditional Zen flute (Shakuhachi). In the end we will have a sharing time. So, little theory and lots of practice. Zen Dinner Night is both a workshop, a concert, an unforgettable meal and a mindful way to spend the evening!!

Why we are doing this: Both of us are coming from the eastern traditions that teach an aware way of living. Meditation and eating is an inseparable part of our life. So, we are opening this project in order to share the gifts of knowledge and practice, and, first of all, just to have a good time with like-minded people.

What is on the menu: We will provide a fresh, mostly organic several course meal, mainly organic brown sushi and raw sushi, fresh vegetables, several salads and spreads, raw crackers, green tea and a fabulous desert.



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