Share of Soul is a number of activities directed towards the pure goal of sharing and inspiring into gaining the knowledge and practice.

Whom Are All Programs Intended for:

- Those who are striving towards “pure” living (and by 'pure' I mean within both internal and external realms). During the activities a space is created without any alcohol, drugs or meat.

- Those who are serious about working on their own body and spirit, and ready to achieve new peaks by going up the next step. During the retreats and workshops I am encouraging self-awareness and healthy sacrifice of old habits that don't serve anymore. This is the only way of experiencing a new pure reality. All the activities, regardless of whether it is a high vibe consciousness full-week retreat or a little class Human Design introduction, yoga class, conscious eating or herbalism, are built with the intent of naturally revealing your own self.

I am not bringing anything sophisticated into the teachings. Everything is directed to the pure alignment with Inner Self, Source, Laws of Nature – however You prefer to call it. I am giving clear and structured theory, and particular practices, well thought and checked through personal experience and those who I trust and respect. The only way to transform and evolve into new dimensions of Self – is to meet your self, listen to your own questions and answers, get deeply inspired, and get the full power to go on the way of raising your vibrations.

What is my Religion?

I do not belong to any system or religion. I very much respect all of the philosophies and religions, though none of them are the
base of my activities. I do use some of the knowledge I gained through years of study in conventional academy, indian ashrams, Kabbalistic teachings and slavic traditions. The core of any teaching still will be Being Inner Self in its pure energy or form.

I am activating and guiding my students into entering fully into the rhythm of transformations in life. Most of the deep changes are usually followed by some kind of suffering. Sometimes it is a cathartic event, sometimes it is an ongoing dissatisfaction with life's flow. In any case, I am here to guide and inspire you into the process of changing, in a big or small way, your unique direction.

My main mottos are – Pure Body by Pure Food and Enviromnent; Pure Awareness by Pure Intents and Thoughts; Pure Actions by Pure
Motivations and Habits.

All the Shares of Soul I am offering here are absolutely hand-made, unique programs directed towards returning to what you already Are, and the purification and transformation of mind and lifestyle, through particular topics and in general. I design every WorkShop and Retreat individually, relating to the requirements of the organizer/tion, country, place etc. I am always there to expand, create, renew and go beyond.

Besides the activities themselves, you will always be supported, guided and connected personally. I love to keep in touch, and connect after the activities so I can follow and aid in your process.


Long and Short LifeChanging Processes

Long and Short LifeChanging Processes

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Sharing Knowledge & Practice

Sharing Knowledge & Practice

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One on One

Private Sessions

Private Sessions

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