Some of the extended tribe, and especially after our retreats and workshops, are willing to spend some time one on one, and have an actual personal experience with me – because there is nothing like a big juicy heart-centered in-person hug, conversation, chart reading or a treatment… and I like the idea of having a variety of ways to interact with ones of my species 🙂 so You can feel served in a way that feels perfect for You!

I guide and help those who are in a holistic search of Themselves, the unique Path and many other names to This which You truly Are…

Offering Guidance in following spheres:

  • Human Design
  • Conscious Nutrition
  • Natural Hygiene
  • Holistic Life Guidance
  • Awareness Practices
  • Holistic Natural Living
  • Natural Care
  • Yoga personal Guidance

Having been on the Way of tuning into True Self for many years, and walking it every single moment of Life, I have gained multiple tools on how to walk the way of Self Perfection. This process organically and successfully helps to take in-tuned conscious decisions and to transform previous habits into new, more aware ways of living this unique Life.

Skype/Facebook/WhatsApp/Viber/Zoom sessions are possible.

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