Todays world is an upside down reality that needs to be re-learned, re-felt, re-observed and re-comprehended. We have completely lost the sense of discernment, not being able to recognize what is aligned with the Self and what is the creation of the mind. We keep researching, doing different processes, happenings, life-changing events, and still feeling stuck in the same level. Knowledge without everyday practice does Not influence our Being. The retreats are opposite from theoretically knowing. Well, here are quite a few lectures and info blocks during the process, but the retreats have lots of activity, practice and collective flow. This combination opens the possibility of experiencing our pure deep inner self. Knowledge and Practice together create an experience and state of mind conducive to experiencing our true inner self.

We are all conditioned by habits and inertia. Living inside own unique little prisons of multiple definitions, genders, races, professions, belief systems, conditionings. We are tightly connected to the existing frames and patterns. We are used to deal with certain standards of society, like what is healthy for body and mind, and we think and believe they are ‘normal’. And those who discovered their inner truth, both physically and energetically, they realize how light our existence can be. But only after we un-learn and re-learn, there will be a drastic change in our ‘real’, day to day life. One of the best environments possible for such a process is a situation of intense space and process of retreat.

Most of my retreats are held in the energy of pure Being, in an environment free from phone and coffee addictions, healthy and with ‘biorhythm friendly’ day schedule, with both lectures and practices. We offer also the best possible vegan, consciously prepared organic meals, beautiful locations, and the power of collective intent for transforming one’s life for
better. It is about spending several days stepping out of our habitual life and into a field of healthy mind and body environment, pleasant, deep, calm energies, harmonious physical activity, life re-search, and simply being your own self.


Creating the Unified Wheel of Life ~ Seven Days of Holistic Immersion
Female Transformational Circle
Tantra of Sound
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