Todays world is an upside down reality that needs to be re-learned, re-felt, re-observed and re-comprehended. We have completely lost the sense of discernment, not being able to recognize what is aligned with the Self and what is the creation of the mind. We keep researching, doing different processes, happenings, life-changing events, and still feeling stuck in the same level. Knowledge without everyday practice does Not influence our Being. The retreats are opposite from theoretically knowing. Well, here are quite a few lectures and info blocks during the process, but the retreats have lots of activity, practice and collective flow. This combination opens the possibility of experiencing our pure deep inner self. Knowledge and Practice together create an experience and state of mind conducive to experiencing our true inner self.

We are all conditioned by habits and inertia. Living inside own unique little prisons of multiple definitions, genders, races, professions, belief systems, conditionings. We are tightly connected to the existing frames and patterns. We are used to deal with certain standards of society, like what is healthy for body and mind, and we think and believe they are ‘normal’. And those who discovered their inner truth, both physically and energetically, they realize how light our existence can be. But only after we un-learn and re-learn, there will be a drastic change in our ‘real’, day to day life. One of the best environments possible for such a process is a situation of intense space and process of retreat.

Most of my retreats are held in the energy of pure Being, in an environment free from phone and coffee addictions, healthy and with ‘biorhythm friendly’ day schedule, with both lectures and practices. We offer also the best possible vegan, consciously prepared organic meals, beautiful locations, and the power of collective intent for transforming one’s life for
better. It is about spending several days stepping out of our habitual life and into a field of healthy mind and body environment, pleasant, deep, calm energies, harmonious physical activity, life re-search, and simply being your own self.


Creating the Unified Wheel of Life ~ Seven Days of Holistic Immersion

~~~Videos from Previous Sessions Below (in Russian) ~~~

The Unified Wheel of Life Retreat consists of seven segments, each taught separately. For a full immersion I usually let every segment to be a full day process. This Process often is a collaboration with other people of wisdom, healers, teachers and sound masters – thus there is an experience of wider range of tools and practices.

When there is a narrow time frame, full day for each part can be shortened to smaller amount of time, depending of the format.

The participants are asked to wear clothes that are close to the color of the day.

Day 1
Color – Red – ‘DO’ note . Day of connecting to the soul of the living Being of Earth, souls of crystals and the connection between humanity and Mother Earth, both as a species and as individuals. On the Body Level – we talk about diseases of lower back, feel, knees and how to heal them. We discuss our stability and grounding, how to be connected and rooted. Time for questions and answers. In the end we listen to the earthy sounds that connect us to the spirit of the Earth. We dance a magical dance-meditation of connection-immersion with the Earth. Discovering the essence and a message from our power stones. Contemplation, Realization, Creation …

Day 2
Color – Orange – ‘RE’ note . Day of connecting to the souls of the floral world. We talk about sexuality and human love. We discuss what women need and what men want. Sexual self-realization, integrity and health in both physical, spiritual and mental levels. Questions and answers. In the end we listen to magical, sensual sounds that praise the Tree of Life, and we go into the meditation of growing from a seed in the Earth to star beings. Dive into the worlds of herbs, learn useful tips about herbs for multiple purposes. Learn do-it-yourself life-hacks. Discover the essence and a message from our power plants. Receive material for Observation, Awareness, Creativity …

Day 3
Color – Yellow – ‘MI’ note. Day of connecting to the souls of Animals and other living creatures (microorganisms, insects, fishes, birds, animals). We talk about issues of Power. What is to be a career/success oriented person and which diseases this way of life attracts. We talk about food awareness – not just from foods chemical and energetic values, but also food as a vibrational and informational library that influences the frequency of our entire being. Time for questions and answers. In the end we dive into the sounds that are born by water, air and earth, and go through a guided meditation of meeting your totem animal. Receive material for Observation, Awareness, Creativity …

Day 4
Color – Green – ‘FA’ note. Day of connection. Connect and see each other through the heart, recognizing peace and relationship with every living human soul. We discuss what is fear vs. love, how our fears influence the body condition and creates infinite diseases. We learn the ways in which our love and heart awareness heals. Questions and answers.  In the end we dive into the sounds that are praising all living beings. We recognize our ‘humanness’. Receive material for Observation, Awareness, Creativity…

Day 5
Color – Blue – ‘Sol’ note. Day of connection to the subtle layers of reality, finding friends in the worlds that we cannot see with our
eyes. We research the blockages in the area of our throat, why and how voice are important in the bridging between inner and outer worlds We sing, breathe and sound. Time for questions and answers. In the end we dive into the sounds that bridge different worlds. Dance-Meditation that connects to wisdom and light. We sing mantras and meet friends from the fairy worlds. Receive material for Contemplation, Realization, Creation …

Day 6
Color – Deep Blue – ‘LA’ note. Day of Connecting to the Bigger Cosmic Family. We talk about what we see and how we look. We discuss healing with sound and color. We talk about activating the third eye and different methods for this process. Time for questions and answers. In the end we dive into the sounds of living cosmos. Dance-meditation which is a trans-galactic journey. Receiving material for Observation, Awareness, Creativity …

Day 7

Color – Purple – ‘SI’ note. Day of merging with all that is created to the higher intelligence of existence. We sum up all that we went
through the past six days. Contemplation on the question of why we need to suffer and what’s the meaning of life. What is Ego and how to make friendship with it. Meditation on the connection between inner sky and earth. Magical music that goes to the core of Love and Purification, Connection and unity with All that Is.















Female Transformational Circle

Women Retreats are born out of an essential desire of modern women to get together in a focused female energy, and to explore themselves through a deep study and practice of multiple subjects related to their everyday life. The retreats I am offering are very dynamic and can vary according to the given parameters.

What stays permanent here is the flow of an easy going, soft and home-feeling circle of women of different ages and backgrounds, connected and committed around one idea of holistically discovering deeper levels of OneSelves through tuning into femaleness and its multiple dimensions. Usually it is a transformative weekend surrounded and blessed by purely female energy where you speak yourSelf, listen to your reflections, breathe and open up to the collective flow together – all of it in the process of learning, practicing, exploring and experiencing…

We have an inner urge that is there striving and pulsating – deep lacking of a female tribe and community. This experience brings us to this extended time and space with other women, different in age and interests, but united in a calming energy and purely female frequency of striving for a Deep Wild and Perfect Self.

This retreat is a unique space and time to evolve as a woman and as a human being that strives to self development and self evolution.

During these days You are invited to this special Retreat that consists of unique WorkShops, Ceremonies, Lectures, Practical Cooking and other witchy (and not only) activities, all dealing with Bringing You Closer to YourSelf, expansion of consciousness, and everyday holistic lifehacking study and experience.

– as a group: we will concentrate on connection to female consciousness – both collective and private, and cultivate a field of tribal atmosphere.
– as individuals: research deeper levels of female qualities and relationship with own femininity.

• We will learn and practice multiple systems, approaches and lifehacks for an everyday, more aware life.

• Reveal knowledge of the sacred chakra systems, its difference between males and females, and get a rare and truly working life-strategy according to each chakra/life center.

• Natural Pharmacy – unique practical and theoretical workshops that give priceless tips, inspiring ideas on herbal use in urban environment. You will also create an absolutely natural healing perfume that is absolutely special just as you love it.

• Natural Hygene – we will receive strategies in the most common spaces of kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and supermarket; recipes that will reveal how easy it is to hand-make yourself what you usually consume in commercial shops. Your everyday apartment life will never be the same again!

• We will practice ancient classic hatha yoga and several meditations (great surprises here!).

• We will finish the process in a Moon Ceremony – its form and scenario will be flexible and will dynamically grow from the collective Here&Now Energy.

Approximate Schedule

Day 1

all day until 19 – arrival, choosing your spot, tuning into the vibration of the mountain, breathing fresh air and connecting to the sound of silence inside and around You.
19:00-20:00 – introduction and re-connection circle
20:00-21:30 – dinner time
21:30 – night circle and ceremony

Day 2

7:00 – 10:00 – Dance Journey / Hatha Yoga
10:00 – 11:00 – Breakfast Time
11:00 – 12:30 – Chakra Theory and Practice WorkShop
12:30-13:00 – Tea Time
13:00 – 15:30 – Conscious Kitchen Theory and Practice with Lunch that we create as a part of this WorkShop
15:30-16:30 – free time
16:30 – 18:30 – Natural Hygene – Theoretical WorkShop
18:30 – Tea Time
18:30 – 19:30 – Practicing Female Meditation/Practice
19:30 – 21:00 – Dinner Time
21:00 – into the night – fire and full moon circle female medicine

Day 3

7:00 – Hatha Yoga
8:45-10:00 – Breakfast Time
10:00-12:00 – Natural Pharmasy and Practical Aromatherapy – we will get lifechanging everyday advises and create your own unique natural perfumes.
12:00-12:30 – Tea Time
12:30 – 14:30 – Dance Ceremony – closing and opening the circle
14:30-16:00 – Final Dinner
16-17:30 – final sharing circle

Tantra of Sound

On this unique retreat we are offering a powerful combination of live extraordinary sound, silence, hatha yoga, sitting and dynamic meditation, zen sittings and walks, shamanic rituals, lectures, dance, healing sessions, exquisite nutritional master chef vegan cuisine… and more!

The inner yearning for being in solitude has always been in the heart of those looking for true Self. As Franz Kafka wrote: “Life always takes our attention away, and we don’t even notice from what exactly”.

This retreat is a gift and extraordinary opportunity to experience the space and time to Be the Self. Generally, the idea of any retreat is to let us step outside of everyday life, with an intent to reach deeper into ourselves. This process of reaching can be done by focusing on certain activities, may it be yoga, meditation or breathing exercises. As a result, we get, momentarily, to reach a clearer consciousness, improved emotional state, and, most important, deeper and fuller sense of our Self . In order to cultivate these states further, we must then apply these tools in our daily life.

This retreat is a collaboration with Joseph Pepe Danza.
Pepe has spent years in India, USA and Japan studying tibetan and zen buddhism, yoga and music, including studies with the Dalai Lama. He is also a member of the Healing Sound Collective in Bali, Indonesia, where he practiced and taught for several years. Presently he is co-directing the Prana Yoga College in Tel Aviv where he teaches and offers sound healing, meditation, yoga phylosophy and sacred sound courses. He is also an award winning composer, recording artist and perfomer.

Our retreat assembles a number of multiple practices taken from different systems and cultures. It is suitable for all ages and religions. It is both an individual and collective experience. You are welcome to both be in vow of silence or have a deep social contact. We create a space for ongoing meditation, heart-centered interaction, and a true atmosphere of life celebration. The space will reveal its treasure of silent nature and beauty of organic architecture, all far from noisy and polluted cities.


In order to experience an atmosphere of a profound co-creation and a high vibration, we are following simple and basic rules. Any retreat, from ancient times up to date, may only be held by keeping a certain system of regulations. The main one would be taking responsibility for one’s words and actions, and awareness of a collective field where everyone’s actions influence all and everybody around. A subtle combination of inner discipline and freedom are a key for harmonious living both in the retreat and in life generally. The other regulation is to refrain from alcohol, drugs and meat for the duration of the retreat. We will provide the most vibrant and nutritious kitchen that will keep your body happy and light for receiving the high vibes of the practices.

In the retreat we offer a holistic approach, including practices that touch body, mind, heart in both healing and joyful energies. The days in Bliss of Being!

Approxmate Schedule

Day 1

17:00-19:00 – Arrival, Accommodation, Tea Time
19:00-20:00 – Talk and Meditation
20:00-20:30 – Dinner Time
20:30-22:30 – Cacao Ceremony and Shamanic Ritual

Day 2

8:00-10:00 – Hatha Yoga with Chi Qong and Pranayam
10:00-12:00 –Breakfast Time
12:00-14:00 – Zen Walking Meditation and Mantra&Mudra Experience
14:00-15:00 – Lunch Time
15:00-16:30 – Rhythm Flow and Chanting – full Body&Brain Bhakti Activation
16:30-17:00 – Tea Time
17:00–19:00 – Sound Healing Experience
19:00-21:00 – Dinner Time
21:00-21:30 – Cacao Ceremony
21:30-22:30 – Nataraj – Trance dancing to live drumming

Day 3

8:00-10:00 – Hatha Yoga with Chi Qong and Pranayam
10:00-12:00 –Breakfast Time
12:00-14:00 – Food of Gods lecture and Food Meditation
14:00-15:00 – Satsang
15:00-Flow – Lunch Time and closing circle

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