Imagine going to a several hour WorkShop (usually from 1.5 hour to half a day), gaining a new skill, habit, knowledge and experience! As a thread or a line through the multiple topics of all my WorkShops there is only one message: Becoming and Awakening into a True Self.

Here are some examples of the WorkShops that I am currently offering. They may seem different in topics and directions, but as we know – all things in life are about One thing …


Zen Dinner Night - Food Meditation, Silent Eating and Live Music of Zen
Listen To Eat! - Practical Meditative Journey to Sound and Food Consciousness
Eat Pray Love: Conscious Nutrition as an EveryDay Reality
Healthy Body for Healthy Spirit
Food of Love - Tantric Nutrition
Six Ayurvedic Tastes: Talking and Tasting
Chocolate Blisses
A Day with Beloved Self: Yoga Detox Program ~ WorkShops on Healthy and Conscious Life Style
Soaps for Soul – Creating Natural Vibrant Soaps
Aromatherapy as the Way of Life - Theoretical and Practical WorkShop


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