Imagine going to a several hour WorkShop (usually from 1.5 hour to half a day), gaining a new skill, habit, knowledge and experience! As a thread or a line through the multiple topics of all my WorkShops there is only one message: Becoming and Awakening into a True Self.

Here are some examples of the WorkShops that I am currently offering. They may seem different in topics and directions, but as we know – all things in life are about One thing …


I’m inviting You to experiment with this way of knowing Self – through Human Design. Sometimes one class is already enough to start getting into it and experiencing.

I offer 3 ways to share LYD course:

1. One-on-one (best for Projector’s and busy people’s types).

2. In groups.

3. Online. I can communicate in three languages: Russian, Hebrew, English

In a One-on-one Private LYD course there is an option for You to choose the number of our meetings, and we can study only when you really feel like doing it.

Zen Dinner Night - Food Meditation, Silent Eating and Live Music of Zen

You are entering a cozy home space, where every detail creates an atmosphere of relaxation, harmony and mindfulness. You take the shoes off and choose a comfortable cushion to sit on. That’s when the Zen Dinner Night starts… In absolute silence. Experiencing Self and Others without any verbal communication. We will begin with a little introductory zen talk and meditation and then naturally move to the food meditation – fully absorbed in the process of mindfully eating our first bite (the first bite sets the spirit of the whole meal!). We will eat a classic zen meal with a twist of modern superfood awareness, healthy, tasty and vibrant, in complete silence, accompanied by the traditional Zen flute (Shakuhachi). In the end we will have a sharing time. So, little theory and lots of practice. Zen Dinner Night is both a workshop, a concert, an unforgettable meal and a mindful way to spend the evening!!

Why we are doing this: Both of us are coming from the eastern traditions that teach an aware way of living. Meditation and eating is an inseparable part of our life. So, we are opening this project in order to share the gifts of knowledge and practice, and, first of all, just to have a good time with like-minded people.

What is on the menu: We will provide a fresh, mostly organic several course meal, usually we create zen brown rice sushi, fresh vegetables, several salads, souses, green tea and a fabulous desert.

Listen To Eat! - Practical Meditative Journey to Sound and Food Consciousness

Through this journey we are diving and exploring infinite realms of Self, Sound and Eating. We start with a short theoretical section where principles and definitions are given. Then, in the form of a guided meditation, we enter the portal of inner sensual worlds. In an atmosphere of both silence and live music, a space for deep discovery of unknown parts of You and Your relationship with Food and Sound will be opened. Usually, when the participant takes this journey seriously, and submits and surrenders to this practice, a possibility of  profound inner transformation open.

Eat Pray Love: Conscious Nutrition as an EveryDay Reality

A general presentation of the map of Conscious Nutrition. Theory, Practice and Meditation. Can be from two hours to few days, depending on the framework of the workshop. We go through the whole pyramid of possible connections with food on inner and outer layers. This extended Immersion into the process connects you to the deepest nature of elements connected with nutrition. We are receiving a tool of deep food meditation that can be used partially or fully in your everyday rituals of food consumption. A powerful journey on body, food, awareness, tastes and beyond.

Healthy Body for Healthy Spirit

This WorkShop is a journey to re-discover and re-learn what does health and body mean. We will share the gifts from several ancient and modern wisdom systems that deal with the human body, spirit, and their infinite possibilities.

How to stay healthy and balanced while living in the urban environment? Why there are no absolutely healthy people around us? Who does truly need health?… Why?

The WorkShop deals, from a different angle, with the everyday habitual processes inside our bodies and around them.

We will try to create dishes that we are familiar with from childhood and used to buy in the supermarket, but this time fully home made and deeply nutritious (and you will never know until you try how easy and quick it is!)

The WorkShop is a place of looking at YourSelf, own habits and the world around you from a new perspective, as well as touch, smelling and tasting it!!!

Food of Love - Tantric Nutrition

In this workshop we will enjoy the feeling and understanding of how sexual life and food are connected. We will research and get tips of how to take care of the body. And of course, we will discover the incredible world of aphrodisiac foods – you will take the knowledge and make your life sexier with what you eat and how. And we will also practice a conscious eating meditation that will open up your senses and make you closer to yourself, and as the result, to your partner as well. Om!

Six Ayurvedic Tastes: Talking and Tasting

In this WorkShop we are researching the 6 basic tastes practically, intellectually and energetically. We will hear the separate story of each taste, how it works emotionally, the correlation between tastes and emotion and desires. All of us love eating, but rarely we put an extra intention to how important are the separate tastes, their fusions, compositions and qualities.

This WorkShop will deepen your perspective on what tastes are and will present you practical tools to paint your cooking with extra hues and saturation. It is a great pleasure to re-learning tasting, diving into the meditative state of food consumption and re-discovering the deep meaning of it in an everyday spiritual and practical practice.

Chocolate Blisses

In this workshop we are diving into the deliciousness of chocolate taste, smells and textures. We will prepare and share multiple desserts based on healthy organic ingredients and combinations. We will learn about some ‘new’ little known (though tasty and super nutritious) foods. Join a friendly circle of those who love to share cozy evenings with cacao and good company, and learn new, beautiful and high vibration delights!

A Day with Beloved Self: Yoga Detox Program ~ WorkShops on Healthy and Conscious Life Style

This workshop is about getting ready for a new pure self. It is about cleansing and purifying your physical and energetic bodies. Ayurveda, which is an Indian ancient knowledge about harmonious life and health, teaches us that you have to make time in life for detoxing the physical body, especially lymph and blood. We will discover several ways to detox the body, and will get individual guidance sessions that will consider the unique structure and type of your body and its layers and personal lifestyle.

So, during this day

we will be:

-having a great mood of both Body and Soul

-having a calm and peaceful environment, that supports relaxed and harmonious state of mind

-getting the physical body in fit, joy and vibrancy

-having a balanced, live and mega-nutritious meals

-heart-centered friendly connection with women just like You

we will do:

-yoga every morning

-Conscious Nutrition WorkShop

-practice in Rejuvenating and Harmonizing Breathing Techniques

-drink freshly squeezed Detox Smoothies and Juices

-meditate for relaxation and self listening

-swimming in a super cold river that takes its crystal pure waters from the iceberg on top of a nearby mountain (optional)

-meals are prepared with infinite love and are nutritious balancing and very yummy

-lots of celebration of life and its beauty and loving your own self!!

Soaps for Soul – Creating Natural Vibrant Soaps

In this workshop we are witnessing the birth of true real soap made out of the most pure organic oils and butters. Only with purest oils and essential oils we will learn theoretically and do practically the most nourishing and naturally delightful soaps. Surrounded by friendly company and a good cup of tea, we will learn a theoretical part of what soap is, its history and essence. Each participant after the workshop will take with them a good piece of absolutely natural soap aromatized and enriched with their unique natural favorite scent!

Aromatherapy as the Way of Life - Theoretical and Practical WorkShop

A very dynamic and fun WorkShop. We can support our emotional field with scents and aromas. Just tuning into one’s Unique Being helps to get into the subtle waves of scents, and then taking them into everyday life. We can treat life as aromatherapy because everything smells if we know how to smell – or we can intentionally use certain aromas to deal with needed issues. Every participant will come out of the retreat with a present of his or her unique organic and absolutely natural aromatic composition that will last up to half year of the everyday use!


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