Feeling Your Design Master Course

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You are reading this text from your phone, computer or tablet, right? When you just got your device, there was an instruction for how to use it, right? You found out how exactly it operates, how many programs it can … Continued

Projector’s Weekend – סדנת פרוג’קטורים – להתחבר לאור שלך

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‬פרוג‭’‬קטורים במהלך‭ ‬סופ‭”‬ש‭ ‬נצלול‭ ‬לתוך‭ ‬טבע‭ ‬הפרוג‭’‬קטורים‭ ‬מכל‭ ‬הזווית‭ ‬האפשריות‭. ‬ נחקור‭ ‬מהי‭ ‬ההילה‭ ‬שלנו‭, ‬כיצד‭ ‬להתחבר‭ ‬לדרך‭ ‬הטבעית‭ ‬שבה‭ ‬היא‭ ‬פועלת‭,‬ נלמד‭ ‬על‭ ‬סוגי‭ ‬הסמכויות‭ ‬השונות‭ ‬של‭ ‬הפרוג‭’‬קטורים‭ ‬ואז‭ ‬נתמקד‭ ‬כל‭ ‬אחד‭ ‬ביחודיות‭ ‬שלו‭ ‬ונתנסה‭ ‬בה‭.‬ נתנסה‭ ‬בחוויה‭ ‬של‭ … Continued

Sound of Human Design

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What an Experience to teach at the Dragonfly Land in Lithuania. Combining knowledge of Human Design with the science of Sound made is super unique. We are still working on actual recordings. Sounding bodies, sounding space, sounding instruments around us … Continued

Relationships and Sexuality Journey in Belgrade, Serbia

Thank you Belgrade!!!! Finished a mini course in Relationships and Sexuality. Interesting group – one Manifestor woman and the rest are Generators. Everybody accept me with defined Spleen and 100% of us open Head. No breaks happened as original plan … Continued

Дизай Человека и Три Ключа

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Вместе с Керл Тоам отправляемся в путешествие на несколько дней – для практикующих, целителей и терапевтов. Скоро добавим больше букв.