Projector’s Weekend – סדנת פרוג’קטורים – להתחבר לאור שלך

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‬פרוג‭’‬קטורים במהלך‭ ‬סופ‭”‬ש‭ ‬נצלול‭ ‬לתוך‭ ‬טבע‭ ‬הפרוג‭’‬קטורים‭ ‬מכל‭ ‬הזווית‭ ‬האפשריות‭. ‬ נחקור‭ ‬מהי‭ ‬ההילה‭ ‬שלנו‭, ‬כיצד‭ ‬להתחבר‭ ‬לדרך‭ ‬הטבעית‭ ‬שבה‭ ‬היא‭ ‬פועלת‭,‬ נלמד‭ ‬על‭ ‬סוגי‭ ‬הסמכויות‭ ‬השונות‭ ‬של‭ ‬הפרוג‭’‬קטורים‭ ‬ואז‭ ‬נתמקד‭ ‬כל‭ ‬אחד‭ ‬ביחודיות‭ ‬שלו‭ ‬ונתנסה‭ ‬בה‭.‬ נתנסה‭ ‬בחוויה‭ ‬של‭ … Continued

Sound of Human Design

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What an Experience to teach at the Dragonfly Land in Lithuania. Combining knowledge of Human Design with the science of Sound made is super unique. We are still working on actual recordings. Sounding bodies, sounding space, sounding instruments around us … Continued

Big Little Baltic Summer Tour

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Never ever did I teach so many topics withing Human Design System under one roof. Started with Introduction, moved to Relationships and Sexuality, then Business and Career, naturally transforming into Nutrition, Child Development, and finilizing with Meditations and Practicing … … Continued

Human Design – Free Style – Вечер в Яффо

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Прямо как в старые времена – собирались на маленькой уютной кухне и вели сокровенные разговоры. Не скучаешь по тем временам, если конечно, они вообще знакомы? Я вот иногда да. Это ведь так ценно быть в кругу “своих”, где можно просто … Continued

Женский ретрит на Синае “Пробуждение Музы”

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Встреча зимнего солнцестояния на горе Моисея… Если эти слова откликаются в твоем сердце – присоединяйся к нашему женскому ретриту на Синайском полуострове! 20-25 декабря Мы, две музы Юлия Кракова и Натали Семенова, вдохновенно приглашаем тебя, сестра, провести вместе 5 дней … Continued

My Story of Juice Fasting with Cousens Family

Lately I rarely share news other then teaching or travelling. But this one truly was special event – so I am happy to share and spread the word about it. This story of going to the juice fasting retreat with … Continued

The story of how I showed up on central Israeli TV

In the words of the great Andy Warhol’s: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. And it looks like I am already living and experiencing the future. Luckily enough – just for “15 minutes”. And more correctly … Continued

Interactive Human Design Night in Tel Aviv

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Oh Finally this happened and the first event of Human Design in Tel Aviv is already a history!!! This was an unusual format for me, thanks to the organizer, Eric (usual format you can see HERE). He suggested we have … Continued