Living Your Design Course

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Dear One. You are reading this text from your phone, computer or tablet, right? When you just got your device, there was an instruction for how to use it, right? You found out how exactly it operates, how many programs … Continued

International Human Design Conference Talk

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We were supposed to meet in aura. Exactly this time of a year, right on my birthday I was preparing to share an amazingly deep and expanding workshops in the International Human Design Festival. And you may be guessing why … Continued

The Moment of Two Mirrors meeting in the Experiment – once in millions!!…

Anyone here really knows to see the BodyGraph? Кто тут реально умеет читать карты? I have just experienced something most uncanny ever – through a friend by messaging I met my Twin!! Well, only Moon and Mercury are one line … Continued

Сертификационный курс “Проживая Свой Дизайн”

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Приглашаем на сертификационный курс «Проживая Свой Дизайн» с профессиональным Гидом Системы Дизайн Человека (Human Design). 27.04 (пятница) – 18:30 – 21:30 28.04 (суббота) – 14:00 – 21:00 29.04 (воскресение) – 11:00 – 18:00 Место: ул. Гикало 7а, офис 7. Особенность … Continued