Relationships and Sexuality Journey in Belgrade, Serbia

Thank you Belgrade!!!! Finished a mini course in Relationships and Sexuality. Interesting group – one Manifestor woman and the rest are Generators. Everybody accept me with defined Spleen and 100% of us open Head. No breaks happened as original plan … Continued


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Jedes dieser Zentren benötigt seine spezielle Art von “Nahrung” und wir sind uns bewusst, dass die Qualität und Quantität unserer diesbezüglichen Nahrungsaufnahme unsere Evolution hervorragend unterstützen und fördern kann. Im gesamten Geschehen führt uns der Weg dieses Retreats zu einer … Continued

Женский ретрит на Синае “Пробуждение Музы”

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Встреча зимнего солнцестояния на горе Моисея… Если эти слова откликаются в твоем сердце – присоединяйся к нашему женскому ретриту на Синайском полуострове! 20-25 декабря Мы, две музы Юлия Кракова и Натали Семенова, вдохновенно приглашаем тебя, сестра, провести вместе 5 дней … Continued

Presenting Human Design System at MBS Wellbeing Festival in Nicosia, Cyprus

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I will be presenting Human Design System at the The Mind, Body & Spirit Wellbeing Festival 10th & 11th November Nicosia, Cyprus – ΦΕΣΤΙΒΑΛ MIND BODY & SPIRIT, ΛΕΥΚΩΣΙΑ 2018. Who Are You? You are a unique mechanism with its energetic, mental, … Continued

Sacred Medicine Retreat: Krakova in Krakow

I am on tour with Herbert Quinteros who invited me to be a part of his European and Baltic tour. This is the beauty of the modern globalization where we dance and share our gifts with each other and the world! … Continued

Gara Vasara Journey ~ the Blissful Being. Latvia 2016

Finally I am creating a moment to sit and share about my favorite festival in the World. This baby of Bhavani and Juris truly is one of the purest events ever, and it changed my life ForEver, when I went … Continued